The IRC Help Page - what it is and how to get it

Right you've heard about IRC.... but you have a couple of questions, such as what is it and where can I get it? What do I do with it once I have it? Well... help is at hand. Me. OK... get the disappointed look off your face and listen up! For those of you on Compuserve, firstly my condolensces <WEG> Secondly IRC is just like the CB Simulator, only you dont need Compuserve! Bye bye large monthly bills! LOL!!

IRC is Internet Related Chat (Did I mention that already?). Basically, for you oldies who remember the old fiddling about with whip antennas, squelch controls and who thrill to the words "Breaker 1-9" (Or "1-4 for a Copy" if like me you are a Brit) then IRC is a godsend. Its a CB Simulator (with NO apologies to Compuserve for swiping the term because it IS!) for the Internet.

You connect to the Internet, then using the software you will download in a minute, connect to IRC. Join any channel you want (I suggest one of the defaults to start) maybe even pop into #30+funchat (I lied on the application form <LOL>) to say Hi, I'll be happy to see you as will the rest of the gang.

Then sit for a minute to watch the flow of the conversation. When you feel up to it, jump in with your own comments. You will soon be chatting to great people all over the world.

OK, well that's the basic lineup. Now to get the software :-)

Right then... here we go;

See you online! I can be found as CeltiKaos on #30+funchat at the weekends <BT caught up with me :-(>, but even if I am not there, please stop by.. it's a friendly channel and everyone is welcome!

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